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5024 is a team that strives to be a part of our community. We are constantly promoting STEAM in our school, through our local London community, and online from our wide selection of social media sites.

STEAM Week is an outreach event that 5024 brought to HB Beal at the start of 2023. From Monday to Friday, we provided new STEAM based activities to students who were willing to participate during lunch. Activities such as jumping origami frogs or dry ice launchers gave students opportunities to experience STEAM in a fun environment. We also set out battery collection throughout the weeks to give our students a way to safely dispose off used batteries. In total, we collected around 200lbs of batteries.

Team 5024 volunteers with the London Children’s Museum, participating in a multitude of workshops to promote STEAM based learning among our city’s youth population, finding fun ways to introduce these ideas to children. This year, we have shown children concepts like polar and non polar molecules through penguins water-resistant oils coated on their feathers. 

H.B. Beal’s Grade 8 Night has proven to be a great opportunity for us to find individuals who are interested in STEAM based learning. We educate them on our FRC team, and FIRST as a whole.


Our team regularly assists and brings attention to robotics in other schools in London, such as when we visited Banting’s League of Logic conference, or when we visited numerous public schools within the city. 

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