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Team 5024 also volunteers with the London Children’s Museum, participating in a multitude of workshops to promote STEAM based learning among our city’s youth population, finding fun ways to introduce these ideas to children. 


The annual Robotics Gala is an event we host yearly, dedicated to bringing FRC teams closer together. Since the first gala, we have pulled in hundreds of people involved in FIRST, and celebrated our successful season, while meeting new students and mentors with shared interests.


H.B. Beal’s Grade 8 Night also proven to be a great opportunity for us to find individuals who are interested in STEAM based learning, and educate them on our FRC team.

For London Comic Con 2016, we decided to reserve a booth to showcase our team, as well as to show off our robot and find even more people who could potentially be interested. 


Our team regularly assists and brings attention to robotics in other schools in London, such as when we visited Banting’s League of Logic conference, or when we visited numerous public schools within the city. 

As a team that thrives on assisting members of the London community, Raider Robotics makes a point to regularly host and participate in local events. 


Our annual science expo, which has attracted an average of nearly 500 people each year, brings in many parents and children who want to learn about and potentially become interested in science, and has resulted in 1750 pounds worth of food donated to the London Food Bank thanks to the canned food donations we accept for entry.