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The Build sub-team is filled with many dedicated members, with every student gaining experience and skills in a hands-on approach to designing and building a robot. The dedication seen from this sub-team is built up from the many nights spent working together.


The Programming sub-team develops the software for the robot, and works through the errors to provide the robot’s functioning mechanisms. Their members gain valuable hands-on experience in working with professional tools and standards.



The Strategy sub-team focuses on game analysis to guide and support the team throughout the competitions. Their main methods include analysis of scouting data, robot design assistance, strategy creation, and much more. By teaching the entire team how to scout, and providing the drive team the information needed to judge their opponents and pick their alliance; they hold the team together throughout the competitive season of FRC.


The Sponsorship sub-team is the financial manager of the team. They strive to gain sponsors to help financially offset the team's expenses. Members of Sponsorship gain lots of experience in the business area of the world. Our team would not exist without out the generous contributions from community members. 



The Imagery sub-team shapes the appearance of the team, and is made of three groups which focus on special areas of design. The website group helps to develop this very website, while the media group focuses on showcasing our team to the public through social media. Additionally, the merchandise group focuses on designing the visual appearance of the team.


The Outreach sub-team plans and directs events that reach out to our community to spread STEAM. Among the many successful one-time events, we have recurring events that reach out: our annual Science Expo, our annual Gala, and our monthly Children’s Museum visits.



Our FLL sub-team works to introduce elementary-aged students to LEGO robotics; the goal being to spark an interest in programming and robotics for kids throughout London. Using LEGOs, they teach kids basic programming, skills in building, small group collaboration, problem solving, and experimentation.

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